Solidworks Trying To Compete with Fusion 360

Found this little tidbit on Carbide3D today. But it appears that Solidworks is now trying to compete with Autodesk’s Fusion 360.


Was wondering when this was going to happen but it seems as if you no longer need to have a .edu address to be able to use Solidworks. They said it still has the .edu features going on but my assumption is a lot of us are way more familiar with Solidworks. Could be interesting.


I sure wish they would at least try to support non-windows. Things like electron or chrome make it relatively easy these days.


Oh please please please let them keep it going like fusion with some reasonable license packages. I really want an updated version and to easily be able to share a few files! I have nothing against Fusion CAD but I am 1000X faster with Solidworks.

afaik, solidworks made with visual basic

So sad…

also there is an opinion that is; made with c++. anyway I think that they are not bad with windows and have no significant reasons to port it to other platforms

I would imagine that 99% of this forum is faster with Solidworks.

How to get it from the first link.

Select no to having a serial number enter the promo code 918MAKER choose 2018-2019 for the version, Put your email in Select maker or hobbyist or whatever then submit you will get a download link and the serials on the next page they are valid for a year
Solidworks quotes after you click through. This is similar to what school supplied student versions used to say. I am no lawyer but so far this will let you try it out and learn it but they do not seem to be offering any sort of deals for Makers that intend to try to use it for business purposes yet. If you haven't seen the convoluted buying process, it can get ugly and then it is followed up with a barrage of reseller spam and phone calls forever (training, updates, upgrades, renewals). Hopefully this is there first step into selling software like every other company in the world, and I am not even complaining about prices yet. It is amazing software, it is expensive but the main hold up is the buying process. Luckily they have not added anything in years that would make me "have" to update.
Files created with SOLIDWORKS Community Access contain an 'academic-use only' watermark.
which permits you to use SOLIDWORKS Community Access only for your own personal and academic purposes.


from the email. I had selected “Hobbyist” in the form.
"This will enable your Student Design Kit to operate for 365 days, or until JULY 31, 2020, whichever comes first. "

Fusion 360 promise to renew license each year for free license (non education) .

Anyway it’s a good chance to legally learn SW

I have installed that solidworks cad and cam.

And i have search how to make custom postprocessor for the sw cam (sw cam is adapted version of camworks software).

To do that there is special application

I have installed it and have to say that at first look developing post processor for camworks looks awful. The system looks like stone axe in comparison to modern electric saw.

Conception of Autodesk when pp done as a script so native for a programmer that only now i realized how unhandy can be a different approach.

I have never been able to even start a CAM project with it and I would like to think I know my way around SW. I do all my CAM in Estlcam, I see zero reason to go to any other program.

I don’t have any knowledge in solidworks yet, have to study from scratch. But installed both modules because i thought that can be use them as complete solution. Like fusion 360. But now i see that this idea probably isn’t best when you don’t have an industrial cnc machine.

By the way, i had used both estlcam and fusion 360. Estlcam is pretty useful, but personally i don’t like how to tool management window implemented. Nc program preview also can be better.

At same time pathview and simulation in the fusion 360 is somewhat awesome, just definitely beautiful.