Solid Edge?

Curious if anyone here has used a CAD program called Solid Edge? I just learned an organization membership gives me free access to this program so I’m curious how it is. Twenty+ years ago I was introduced to MasterCAM version VIII and I have yet to come across another program as intuitive to use as that program.

Have u tried estlcam? It is well documented.

Solid Edge is a modeler/ CAD software, rather than a CAM software, although it may (or may not) have CAM feature
It’s more of a competitor with Fusion360 than mastercam or estlcam

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Got it, sorry.

I think your answer was valid, as Paul was talking about CAM Master, I suppose he is looking for a CAM software than a CAD software

It’s actually MasterCAM and despite its name is both CAD and CAM in one package. Version VIII was VERY intuitive and I started using it with with virtually no training or manual and had few problems learning by doing. I’ve been hoping to find something similar in a free download with so far no joy. I’ve tried Fusion360 and looked at a few others and while very capable programs, their intuitiveness is nowhere near MasterCAM VIII’s. Years ago they made my friend update to MasterCAM X and while it was likely better for full time users, VIII was far more intuitive for those like myself who were not fulltime users.and though he paid for the ‘upgrade’ to X, continues to uee VIII.

I have, works well for CAM but I’ve been looking for a more intuitive CAD program than the ones I’ve seen so far like Fuaion360 which I just don’t seem to have much affinty for.