Slant Board

A week ago, my wife sent me a couple links asking if I could make one of these. Now that I have a LowRider, this was much easier and turned it around in a week, which is dramatically shorter than normal. Still needs a finish applied and some grip tape, but it’s otherwise complete. There were some angles that I cut on my table saw.

I didn’t even know what it was. Apparently, it’s for stretching and helpful for foot pain, which makes sense since she’s a runner.

Here’s a video showing how it works.
Slant Board (

I designed this in Fusion based off an existing product with some modifications to add a back support and a rabbet to avoid using screws. This is the first time I used joints which were super helpful to determine slot position so it can be at a 15, 20, 25, 30, or 35 degree angle. I did import a piano hinge from McMaster Carr which helped sort out some spacing as well.

I also used a Fusion plugin called MapBoards Pro which is a basic nesting tool. It’s $25 and works on the free version. The main helpful part of it was it greatly simplified the DXF export process.

MapBoards Pro | Fusion | Autodesk App Store

I made a ton of mistakes, but still satisfied with the result. It was a great learning experience.

  1. When I cut out the first part, I didn’t go deep enough so the edges are a little messed up.
  2. On one part, I forgot to add tabs which messed up the finishing pass and I had to do some sanding to get it to fit.
  3. On one part, I accidentally made the tabs full depth, which is annoying.

Thanks for the link, have to try this one

I dig it. I lived on one of these for a while during some killer shin splints. Are you planning on posting the dxf’s anywhere?

I’m happy to share but use at your own risk. Note that due to some mistakes along the way, I can’t guarantee the parts will fit together perfectly, specifically the back support board. The 15 degree angles I cut on the top and bottom boards aren’t necessary but make it nicer. The 45 and 15 degree angles on the inner angle board are required. I did these on the table saw. Figuring out how to install the piano hinge connecting the top and the bottom in the right spot took some trial and error. The pivot of the hinge attaching the inner angle board needs to be 5.5 inches from the top of the board.

Attached zip includes all DXF files and the Fusion 360 project. You may want to adjust the plywoodThickness (0.72 in) and tolerance (1/64 inch - this probably needs to be increased) parameters.

Note that the DXF files have layers since that’s how the plugin exported them. So, when I was using EstlCAM, I needed to ensure I was selecting all the layers of the parts when moving or rotating. I didn’t actually use the Side 1 Mirror DXF, I just mirrored Side 1 in EstlCAM.


Slant Board (633.3 KB)

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It reminds me of the Thomas Jefferson’s writing desk:

Final Product

Added some rubber pads to the bottom too.


Just bought MapBoards Pro, and it’s working great with no fuss…

Thanks for the advice about this one, this will make my life so much easier!

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