SKR PRO V2 - Wiring/drivers/screen

Double post? I answered you here:

Thank you, I flagged the one prior. Are my drivers in the right location? Also, 12v for board and 24v for motors, presumably?

I would power them both with the same psu.

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I am not sure on the drivers. I didn’t think you needed a gap. Just XYZ E0 E1.

You will know if you send M122 from a computer. If you get a bad response from one of the drivers, it is probably looking in the empty socket.

Thanks for the help thus far. I am very newb yo electrical not sure how I would use 2 wires for 4 tetminals?

For my LowRider 3, so not sure if this’ll help, but… to power my SKR 1.2 with one 12V power adaptor, I ended up cutting one of the BTT provided wires in half, and connected with WAGO, video clip… 14:39 Case wiring, routing power

Many ways to skin a cat… For example SupraGuy made small jumper wires, avoiding need for WAGO connector:

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Will try something like that tomorrow, thank you. May need more help…lol. Pardon my ignorance.

Got power to my motors, but only move one step, and stop anyone had that issue? Cant make but the one movement and then wont move with my inputs.

How are you moving, using Repetier, or the TFT, or something else? Moves via TFT only move 0.1mm by default, need to tap the unit icon to change unit scale. Pic/video of what you’re seeing might help

CNCJS, using wireless keyboard. I get one step, each axis and then nothing. I have motors in difderent positions just to test different methods. Also, had unit steps set to 20mm and I got a fraction of that, 1 tooth regardless of the step I changed it to. Thanks for the additional help.

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Which setting are you talking about? The steps per unit should be 100 for x and y and 400 for Z.

Can you run M122 and paste the response?

On CNCJS I send that mcode I see no response/prompt etc. By the steps I only mean for jogging. Sorry that wasnt clear.

Which mcode? M92?

Oh wait, do you mean M122?

Our firmware has that enabled for the skr pro. Which firmware are you using?

“Stock” flashed firmware that came from V1 store. I qm running without endstops as well, just in case that info is relevant. M122, yes

Did you send M122 with a capital M?

Do you see anything else in the terminal?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I did not think @vicious1 was flashing the V1 firmware for the SKR Pro. If this is the case, you may not have the right firmware installed, which may be the reason you are seeing what you are seeing, and will need to flash the V1 firmware to your board. Just a thought.

I have been flashing them. I did not flash the first 50 but that was probably a year or so ago.


I did use capital M. Is there a different program you would recoomend to use, at least to diagnose?

We need to back up.

This is not how the stepper motors should be wired. This is called “parallel” and 1) You can run the stepper wires straight to their own drivers with the skr pro and 2) If you want two steppers to go to one driver, then you need series wiring.

The instructions and diagrams for wiring are here:

I am worried things still aren’t wired right.

To connect to the skr pro, you can use cnc.js, or repetier host, or pronterface, or octoprint. I have used them all and they all should work. There shouldn’t be any guessing. There should be a lot of chatter between the skr and the software. If you can share some of that, we can see what is going on.

It might beep once or twice when it connects, but the messages it prints may also give us a clue as to what is happening.

I honestly can’t tell which of these symptoms is still happening.

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Thanks Ryan! (@vicious1). I wasn’t aware you started to flash them, and I keep lurking here, so it is good to know.