Skr pro v1.2 wifi activation with esp 01s wifi module?

It is in the tag that I struck out in my post above. It seems the third serial is in both bugfix-2.0.x and 2.0.x branches, but you’ll need to pull in tag or later.


@vicious1, we should update to the latest, and add in this third serial for the wifi module on the skr.

Well shoot. That is cool.

I would want to test it out first, I have one of the wifi chips. But we might as well?! Any downsides for the vast majority of boards that will not be using them?

Wait, don’t you need to edit the firmware when you use one anyway. Edit the password and such? IF you have to edit it anyway I would rather add a page or blurb to the docs. If it will work out of the box then heck yeah. I will start looking into it. I have the module sitting on my desk and a fresh batch of SKR’s showed up.

Naw, just specify that you must have a wifi SSID “V1_PRO” and password “SendRyanMoreMoney!”

On a more serious note, these apparently can be used for a port of RepRapFirmware, which is awfully tempting. The CNC mode version has some very convenient features.

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I don’t think you need to code any wifi stuff into marlin. According to my comment here Skr pro v1.2 wifi activation with esp 01s wifi module? - #5 by Tuco you connect to the ESP01 with it’s temp SSID and then the ESP01 connects to your own wifi once it gets your wifi creds. The ESP01 maintains all that and then just acts as a serial client/connection. It just needs it’s serial port to be live in marlin. I believe it shows the DHCP IP addr on the LCD so you can connect to it without having to play with a delightful router GUI.


That’s my impression as well. It uses the same software that is on the grbl_esp32 boards. So when you set that up, you connected to the wifi via a new ssid, and then configured it (if you wanted) to connect to your home wifi.

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At least on mine, (using a full esp32 rather than the esp01 add on)This is a option you have to turn on. But yes it can and it is very nice. Especially when it fails to connect to your home network and defaults back to standalone mode. Then you can look at the IP on the screen and know it.

That’s right. The ESP-01 has its own firmware and everything is flashed and configured there. Only thing needed on Marlin is the serial.

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Hi there all,
I’m a very newbie and I just buy the Primo Kit with the SKR PRO board
I don’t know the actual version that will be send.
In the mean time I understand that this board can have a WiFi connect…

So can anybody tell me what I must to buy (where) in order to have
WiFi connection on the MPCNC Primo please ?

Thanks in advance

I don’t have an SKR Pro, but I’ve considered one for a future project and therefore have been following SKR Pro topics on the forum. If you search for “skr pro wifi,” you will find a number of topics/threads worth reading. Three points.

  1. This video gives detailed setup instructions. Links to the parts are included below the video, and even if you don’t order from the links, they do provide a reference for shopping for the parts.
    Add wifi to your Bigtreetech mainboard/touchscreen - ESP-01S guide - YouTube

  2. The current V1 maintained version of the Marlin firmware only allows for two serial ports. With a standard V1 setup, one serial port will be used by the hardwired USB and the second by the touch mode of screen. In order to get wireless working you have to give up one or the other. You either have to give up hardwired USB support or give up running your display in touch mode. You can still run the display in Marlin mode. Note you will have to make a simple change to the firmware and reflash the board to get wireless working.

  3. It has been reported that the latest version of the Marlin firmware has added support for a third serial port. At some point V1 will update the firmware, and in theory you will get this feature. V1 already attempted to test updating to a newer version of Marlin, but recent changes broke functionality V1 needed…I think it was support for Extruders==0.

Edit: I just realized the link for the YouTube video is found above, as well as the info for point #2.


Or… You can give up Marlin Mode. There are modules for the SKR that put the ESP wifi module on the EXT1 and EXT2 connectors, where it pretends to be the LCD.


Thanks a lot for all details.
Anyway, I must wait the shipping to arrive, then I must install all, and understand/learn
how to work with MPCNC.
In all this time maybe the new Marlin firmware will have a good stability with the SKR Pro
and WiFi.

But, anybody know what version of SKR Pro is on the Primo kit in the shopping page please ?


There is only “SKR Pro” and I so that there is a lot of models (versions) of this board.

Thanks again all

I’m reasonably sure that it’s the Pro V1.2 that comes from the V1 shop.

Note that the Pro V1.2 is a newer board than a Turbo V1.4 The series naming conventions that BTT uses is a little…

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Ok thanks a lot @Dan,
so do you thing that this card will be ok for the WiFi please:

Also… in order to program it I’ll need this one please ?

Thanks a lot again

Neither of those looks like the ones I’ve seen that work. They have two 10-pin ports for the EXT1 and EXT2 ports, either ae direct plug-in, or via 10pin cables.

I’m thinking of picking this one up for conversion to RepRap Firmware


First I do a search in order to understand what Reprap is :slight_smile:

So do you think it’s better if I go for the Reprap firmware ?
I so newbie so maybe it’s better for now use the Marlin firmware cause a lot of people here use it.

Thanks a lot for the help

First off, No. I do not think that it’s better to go to RepRap Firmware. This is an alternative to Marlin firmware, and while I am personally familiar with it, it’s not something that you can get great support for on these forums, and is most definitely not V1 Engineering supported. I strongly advise that you use the V1 supported Marlin as a base.


Hello Francois. I created an account so I could message you for the link to the interactive PDF of the skr pro 1.2. I don’t think I’m able to message you directly - can you help me get that link?

it is ok i have fix my problem it is working now thanks !

I’m glad that your problem is fixed! That’s not what I was asking though. In one of your messages you said:

Could you tell me how to find that interactive PDF? I ordered that board and would find it very helpful.