SKR Pro - No Movement

Hey guys. I just finished my MPCNC build using a SKR Pro board and TMC2209 steppers.
I connect it to my pc running windows, and it detects properly and connects. I open repetier and it connects just fine as well, however if I try to move the steppers, they do nothing. No noise, no movement, nothing. I purchased the board myself and flashed the firmware for no end stops. Any suggestions on what to try next? If there are specific photos that would help let me know and I’ll post some. Thanks


Did you hook power to both spots on the board? The one marked power and the other marked motors?

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 7.18.40 PM


Thanks for replying to this post. I had the same issue. I went back and looked through the instructions and I don’t see any indication that this step was needed, or how to hook up power at all. I understand that this is board specific, but having purchased the exact board and display offered by V1 I think the instructions could benefit from calling this out. Can anyone shed some light on why this might be intentionally omitted? It could also be an oversight when creating the new instructions for the Primo. I’m just curious.

It is explicitly stated in the Rambo documentation but not in the SKR section.

@Ryan , maybe a general wiring section about the need/how to fully power the boards would be helpful, rather than needing to put it into each board model.



Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I had blindness from only thinking about my version of the board. Thanks for pointing out where it was at.

Shoot I had a picture on there but I took it down for some reason. I must have forgotten to replace it.

I added a picture back, hope that helps.

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