SKR Pro 1.2 power wiring help

In my bundle I recieved a 12v power supply, like one for a laptop. The SKR has 2 power hookups one 12/24V and one for the MOTO. Do I need a 2nd power supply for the motors? If not is there any benefit to having 2?

Hello @Vtwin_Guy, are you using a bundle and power supply from the V1E Shop? If so can use the one power supply, just need to wire up jumper cables. Some examples in SKR PRO V2 - Wiring/drivers/screen - #7 by azab2c, hope that helps!


You don’t need two. There isn’t much using the 12V/24V part. Most of the current is used by the motors. Jumpering as Aaron pointed out, is fine.

Thank You! That’s exactly what I was thinking of doing. I always need a pic just to make sure I don`t screw it uo, although it’s not a guarantee that I won’t :wink:

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Hello, I opted for the 24v power supply in my package. Do I wire the power side the same with jumpers? Going to use buck converter for the 12v fans.

Yes. I powered my fans from the 12v pins on the board. Checked with my meter and even on a 24v power supply they were 12v

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Thank you for the quick reply.