SKR 1.4 Turbo 2209 with TFT35 V3 E3

In case someone else wants to try. I had a few issues so just what I found.

SKR 1.4 firmware

Currently, SKR 1.4 Turbo is not a part of the release but should be soon

I downloaded the firmware from Marlin Builder

TFT35 V3 E3

I could not get the firmware from the V1 git repository to work. I was seeing M221 errors like this case

I used this firmware to get it working

I also found an issue with the config.ini file

If you do use the firmware from the git repository but with the above config file I found you got a number of errors on loading the config file with “Invalid Keyword”

Once I had the right firmware and right config.ini file it all looked a lot better and didn’t beep at me as much.

I hope this helps someone else. Thank you for all the helpful info and people on this forum


Thank you Hamish, for sharing your notes! so I also used the firmware.bin from git and flashed it, for me it all working good so far also with the TFT35 V3.

hopefully the next release will contain the Marlin files for the Turbo, then i will do some edits in the firmware, so i can also use the ESP3D Wi-Fi module.

for the M221 error i didn’t encounter this yet… if i did i will come back to your post and fix it, thanks mate!

Hi ,
Could you tell me how to download the firmware from the first link for the main board?

Hi @aveei the link you want to use is

Select one of these files. The firmware is in the zip file. You need to be logged into github to download

Thank you very much

Hi Hamish i tryed to download this but its read only now ?

Hi @Bckgrieve

Try skr_turbo · V1EngineeringInc/MarlinBuilder@6ad6baf · GitHub

looks the link expired