SKR 1.4 and TMC2209 (bending pins)?

I just got my board and wanted to put it together and learn how to deal with the firmware (will be putting a primo together in the spring).

My question is, do I need to bend any pins on the TMC2209’s before plugging into the board (like in the SKR Pro)?


As far as I know you only have to do that if you will NOT be using the sensorless endstops. If you are are using the sensorless endstops, or no endstops at all, then you don’t need to modify anything.


I have the skr pro and 2209s. No endstops. I just left the pin alone and plugged it in


I read somewhere if you configure your endstops for NO, you can also use them with sensorless homing or maybe as MAX stops maybe? This would be nice incase your machine decides it wants to yeet itself into +x/y/z (if you home to -x/y/z).

Endstops are ignored except when homing. It will go ahead and yeet away.

The motors really aren’t strong enough to break anything, except maybe the Z axis on the Low rider.

Sorry to revive this thread, but I have a simple question:

Rather than bend the pin (which may still contact the capacitor), why not just clip it off?


Why not? If you bend the pin and needed the pin later on, 99% of the time it will break when trying to bend it straight again. So there’s really no loss just cutting it off to start. Cutting also allows a better connection IMHO; bent pins prevent full insertion.

If you are a bit OCD like me, you might actually desolder the pins instead of cutting, so it’s easier to use the pin later on if needed. Desoldering a cutoff pin is a PITA in comparison to desoldering a full pin that you can grab and pull with pliers.

Edit: I am pretty sure the reason for the instructions recommending a bend, is it doesn’t require cutting tools to do. This project is intended for novices who may not have flush cutters on hand.


I have both the very clean flush cutter and the de-soldering equipment. I’ll just cut it off.


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I just cut mine of. Seemed more risky by bending it.