Skipped steps? Again

Hi everybody!

So i have attached a laser to my MPCNC and i’m trying to find the cause of the effect you see on the image below:

Is this because of the grub screws? (because yes, they were a little loose, the lock-tight is drying right now :smile: ) And could there be other causes? I made 10 passes and somewhere along the line it shifted to the right.

Thanks in advance!!

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Grub screws can definitely cause that. Otherwise, skipped steps could be from something catching,/sticking or the bit hogging out too much (which is impossible in a laser) or a loose wire.

Hopefully it is the grubs. A laser has zero load. So it shouldn’t have any load related issues. Did you have any trouble with the router?


If the screws are loose there is nothing firmly connecting the stepper motor to the belts. You’re guaranteed to get missed steps.