Sketchup Online?

Huh, works in firefox in Ubuntu… I know some people (not naming names, you don’t have to come forward) think it’s a toy CAD program, but you can’t argue with it’s popularity. Running it live from a website is a pretty nice upgrade, IMO.


I’ve never really got on with Sketchup for some reason, but I know a lot of people who really rate it. I’ve been using Onshape a lot recently though. I use Solidworks for the day job, and having what is essentially Solidworks, but for free in a web browser (works on Android and iOS apparently too) is pretty cool.

Export functions are also pretty well suited to hobby stuff - .stl .dxf .dwg all supported - files are public in the free subscription option, but I can live with that.



…aannnddd so i should read more posts before replying… clearly Onshape is nothing new to you :slight_smile: