Sisyphus Contest

One last push!

The contest ends tomorrow and if you somehow didn’t know this was happening, here is the deal:

  • There is a contest to win a great prize.
  • I am in second place in one of the categories
  • The crew here has been voting every day for 2 weeks and I’m still just a hair behind.
  • You can vote every 24 hours, so if you voted today, and set an alarm tomorrow, you can add you vote twice.
  • You can get your friends and family to vote too. You need to be using different browsers, or different machines, or firefox containers.

The pattern to vote for is here:

Even if I don’t win, Thank you so much to the many people who have been keeping up and voting each day. I know we don’t have the biggest community here, but I think we have the nicest. Thank you everyone!


Push, Push, Push!!!


So, when are the results announced?

Jeff ended up second place, but got a table anyway because of his crucial work on sandify:


Thanks. I made a few threads and I’m not sure where I posted the final outcome.


Congrats jeffe

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