Setup Prusaslicer for Lowrider2


I made a Lowrider 2 Dual Endstop (one motor per driver) running with SKR1.3, DRV8825 andTFT24 screen (made a tutorial in french). I have trouble slicing my 3D models into gcode. I’m using Kiri:Moto and NCviewer - both online - I love the design and the accessibility but I have to clean up each time my gcode by hand, which makes it very long.

I installed PrusaSlicer but it look like its made for 3D printing only. Can someone share configs for PrusaSlicer milling operations with a CNC ? Is it possible ? (engrave / contour / outline / drill…)

Couldnt find any tutorials using PrusaSlicer for CNC work. I’ll try to make one for Lowrider2 out of the infos I collect here…

Thanks !

Simple answer is no. The slicers are strictly for 3D printing! You will need CAM software like Estlcam, Carbide create etc. Those will create the Gcode that you use for the CNC operation.

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Thanks !
EstIcam and Carbide dont work on my linux Ubuntu ! :penguin: I’ll try to run them through Virtual Box…

I use Estlcam in ubuntu 18.04 with wine. It works ok. The fonts aren’t perfect, and the GUI fonts are small (I have a high dpi setting):