Setting XYZ offsets in CONFIG.H for dual endstops?



Where do I set this? My actual home is X+32 Y+20 from where it auto homes.



I mean I could always move the endstops, but I’d heard talk of setting the offsets in firmware somehow.

I’m not understanding, home is 0.

Do you mean that you want to have home position at point 33,20 from endstops? Why?

I guess it’s unimportant, and just based on my Newbie-ness. My work area is 24x24, and based upon the cut calculator, I ended up with a larger usable area. So I could just Home, then place my spoilboard based on that I guess, however, I centered and mounted my work area spoilboard, and had heard some noise about setting offsets from the actual endstops, and figured that would work well.


You could set things up so after a home it just moves to that point then resets to zero. But homing is primarily to just gets the ends square, not to set a position. Home then jog to your start point, set your zeros and start your cuts.

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