SD Card size limt with Marlin Firmware

Hi all,

Well I am happy to report that my MPCNC made it’s first move this weekend and all went well running my first pen plot.

I do have a question about what SD cards to use. Is there a size limit on SD card size i.e. 2gig, that can be used with the Marlin Firmware from the software downloads from here?

I have several different size cards, 2g, 4g, 16g and a 32g all work on my 3D printers but only the 2g works on my MPCNC setup.

I am using from here and when I put a 4g or bigger size SD card in none of my G code files show up in the folder on the LCD screen, if I use the 2g card files show.

Where did you get the files to print your parts? Every single one of them looks different.

Never mind I see your other thread now.

Make sure your cards are formatted fat32, the smaller the better.

The original files were downloaded from Thingiverse ( . Then converted Solid Works CAD and modified to what I wanted. On the Z Axis he only thing I changed was eliminating the two spacers and adding them to the upper and lower X,Y,Z carrier and different tool mount. Then I used for the corner blocks.

There has to be something in the Marlin Firmware that’s limiting SD card size. I just upload Repetier firmware to my Ramps 1.4 board configured using the Marlin firmware settings for the MPCNC and all my SD cards work, got any ideas why they wont work using Marlin?

Hmmm, no idea really. I have some cards that are slower than other but I have not had one not work. I do no SD card edits.

I have all my cards are formatted fat32. I want to use you Marlin Firmware setup with CNCjs software. I have been testing CNCjs and it works really well. The only thing is the SD card size not a big deal just seams strange that the cards work using Repiter Firmware and not Marlin.

Try my Marlin 2 version on github, they have been doing serious work to the LCD/SD since the firmware I have posted on the site.