Screen shows gibberish and z homing only one side

Hi Guys
Just completing my first build. Bought all parts from V1.
My screen starts showing gibberish after a few moves in the menu. Seems to be different each time it happens. See pictures below.

Also when homing z axis only 1 side homes. Both move when I independently move the z axis.

Hello @cfg,

Using a SKR Pro board? If so, is the JST shield for the TFT’s serial cable removed to help serial cable make better connection?

Triple check grub screws :slight_smile:

It isn’t the black cable causing this. You can remove it. I have seen this, a while ago. I can’t remember the cause. If you are using our firmware, then it must be something w.r.t. the hardware.

Check the endstop status with M119.

Yes using the skr pro. I removed the black plug below the black wire but now the screen just shows Marlin Mode. Nothing else.

Marlin mode comes over the two gray cables. The black cable is only for tft mode.

Ok so do I unplug the black cable?

Did unplugging the black cable make the noise in marlin mode go away?

No change. Shows the following on the screen. Does
Not change.

How do I figure out if the problem is my control board?

It is one of these things:

  • The skr board
  • The skr firmware
  • The cable
  • The screen hardware
  • The screen firmware

The cables are the most common place to have problems. They can be plugged in backwards or swapped.

The firmware is easy enough to flash the skr and the screen. The tested firmware in MarlinBuilder releases is known to work.

After that, you need to test by replacing either the screen or the control board. I don’t know of a way to test it without more hardware.

Thanks, J, appreciate it. I’ll start looking into those. Ill need to see where in South Africa I can source those parts.