Scara Coffee Table

ok merci
c’est quand même super ce logiciel Sandify , sans votre travail , on aurait pas ces tables

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Thanks for posting the config files. This has helped me immensely. In fact it inspired me to give it a go!

I know that this is an older post but I do have a question:

printer.cfg calls “Wipe_default_F6000.gcode”. I do not understand why a sand table needs a wipe. So perhaps this is just a name and “Wipe_default_F6000.gcode” actually performs another task?


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It is just a wipe, not really needed for normal operation.
I included it just in case I want to draw a pattern that doesnt fill the complete space and this is a shortcut to clean up before drawing that.
I ended up not using it because all my paterns fill the complete area.
One could replace the Wipe patern with a demo patern to show off for guests :wink:

Hello Carsten ,that’s a very impressive work to have done.
i’m new to this mechanism and Code Building .
Can you please share a 3d Files of the mechanism , details of electronics BOM , and CODE to RuN

Hello Garry,

I cant give you a full breakdown of all the electronics components, some parts are just what I had left from other projects. That beeing said, here are the main needed electronics components

  • raspberry pi zero 2 w (or any pi with wireless)
  • cheap board to drive 2 steppers (I used the BTT SKR mini, but that is overkill - just make sure you have silent stepper drives like the TMC2209 on board or added)
  • 2x Stepper Motors (Nema 17)
  • 2x optical endstops
  • power supply 12V-24V with enough power to drive all the components
  • DCDC converter to 5V for the PI and Neopixel (those are power hungry, choose accordingly)

Klipper to run the Gcode, Somewhere in this thread I provided a .zip with the config and macros for Klipper.

3d files as a whole are currently not ready for export - and would probably not be too helpfull as I built the table from scratch. The mechanic is somewhat impacted by that. For example the main plate is a laser cut part that is also integral to the stability of the table.
Most people have a table that they want to convert and end up designing their own mechanic.
I am happy to give my 2 cents when you have a draft for your table.

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