Sandify Update v0.2.6

New version of Sandify. Bob and I have been having fun writing this stuff. I hope you all enjoy it. Details are in the release notes, but please post your thoughts here.

Big thanks to @bobnik.


Hi all, hi Jeff. Sandify is an incredible tool for sandtable but unfortunately from the last update, the software in not anymore usable. Once you move the slide and add a layer it freeze and the only to fix it is to update the page and loose all your work.

I have open an issue on git but seem to be lost😭

Unfortunately I have some skills but not in programming. More in mechanical drawing. So if someone can fix the problem I could make something for him… is someone able to fix it?


I closed the issue. It is fixed in master, which hasn’t been released. We are planning a release, but we have both been very busy. The fix is coming.

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Ok thanks jeff. Really hope this will come vety soon🤞

By the way, is there a way to decrease the precision of the drawing in sandify?

Thanks Jeff

There is not. Is it causing issues with speed?

Not with speed but on my build transfering drawing with more than 10mb on esp32 and bluetooth is very very long and I don’t need so much data in the thr file! I don’t know how works sandify but a simple slidebar to increase or decrease the precision could be very usefull!

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