Same Gcode Different Behaviour?

Hi Folks,

I’m getting my MPCNC back up and running after having it mothballed for a year or so. Everything is back up and working, from what I can tell. Some re-learning and troubleshooting and i can get a Thing made in Fusion, loaded into repetierhost, and i could get my “test triangle” to cut ok.

Now, i designed a bottle holder type thing, just a rectangle with circles cut out of it. Everything is the same, as far as i can tell, setup wise and gcode wise. This time, however, when i load up the holder thing in repetierhost, start the “print”, and nothing happens. No movements, nothing. After i “kill” the print, manual controls no longer work. Every movement command will just end up in the “X Commands Waiting”. Not getting any errors that i can understand or notice.

So, test triangle with identical (i think?) gcode sends and cuts just fine. Bottle thing with identical (i think?) gcode apparently crashes the connection between the laptop and board?

I’m using fusion for the design of the thing. An ancient dell laptop to run repetierhost, USB connection between the laptop and board, board is a ramps board (did have to replace the power supply, kept cutting out, and one of the stepper drivers, working ok in that regard from what i can tell), and for what its worth a harbor freight trim router (works fine for now).

Any advice on this? I’ve had the gcode in ncviewer online side by side and i swear it looks exactly the same to me. Any chance i can have someone look at this and see what i’m missing?

Also, let me know if you want me to post the gcode. Obviously as a new user i can’t upload documents, hopefully there’s a way around this as I’m certain folks would like to actually see the code too (if its a code problem).

Ok so, i loaded both gcodes into my cr10 3d printer. The “test triangle” once started, just goes. The “bottle holder” has a prompt pop up on the LCD to “turn on 30000rpm” once you push the lcd button it continues like normal. I guess i have to figure out how to disable that turn on rpm thing?

Probably. Can you post the code here? You can open it with notepad, copy it here and mark it as code.

Code here

Hi Phillip!

Thanks for the idea but, you know how it is when you ask for help. More motivation to find it yourself! I actually did find the difference! The “new” gcode had a command of “m0” to turn on the router. M0 is, i guess, an indeterminate pause you have the “click” through. Well, i don’t have a command screen/button on the setup i have it just runs so it got to the pause and, well, paused!


Reading your original post, M0 was my first thought since this happened to me on my first MPCNC. You don’t describe your software pipeline, but there should be a way to turn off the generating of the M0. It may be in the start code section, or it may be an option.

Assuming you are running Marlin, there is a way to configure the firmware to get past the M0. First you have to turn on the command parser in configuration_adv.h and reflash the firmware. This is the section:

 * Emergency Command Parser
 * Add a low-level parser to intercept certain commands as they
 * enter the serial receive buffer, so they cannot be blocked.
 * Currently handles M108, M112, M410, M876
 * NOTE: Not yet implemented for all platforms.

Once enabled, you can send an M108 to continue.