RS485 Add on Spindle Control Questions

So I got this RS485 add on board to control my VFD for the spindle

And this is the manual for my VFD…

This is my first time messing with this RS485 control and I know we have several experianced guys here so hoping someone will be able to give me some pointers to make sure i dont screw this up and burn something up.

First question I have is on the RS485 board the wires are connected to A B G but when I read thought the manual for the VFD it only shows RS+ RS- for RS485 Communications. I would assume the G on the add on board is for Ground. But from A and B which is + or -??

After that my next question is what all settings need to be changed on the VFD? Some stuff on this thing is obvious others not so much. So it would be nice to have reassurance LOL

And my last question… for now lol. Is there anything i need to change in estlcam or the jackpot to send the correct signal?


You guys not responding really makes me go look harder like I should have from the beginning LOL

I finally remembered this thread which helped a lot…

Also didn’t notice this link on the listing the first 12 times I looked at it. Glad I finally did LOL

Headed to hook it up and see what happens… Wish me luck! Still have to figure out what to do (if anything) with Estlcam…


FluidNC now controls the spindle! Still remains to be seen if the gcode will start it. About to set up a job and see what happens!

I changed my start/end/toolchange gcode to this… No clue if its right. I just knew I wasn’t using the pin Ryan had set…

ok I was close on the Gcode but not quite. Where I had

M6 S<s>

Has now been changed to

M3 S<s>
G4 P7

It turns the spindle on with the M3 and to the correct RPM if I just give it M3 S15000, but it doesn’t wait for it to ramp up at all. My VFD is set to 5 seconds ramp up so the 7 gives it a little extra lol

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Note to self. When you update your config file with a new one, you lose all your leveling and squaring pull offs in the old one :man_facepalming: