LR3 + Jackpot board + Barts RS485 Module + Huanyang VFD + 1.5kw spindle setup works

So with some help from Jamie, Ryan and Bart (thank you!) my setup is now working.

To share the information so you don’t have to experiment yourself:

Add this to your config.yaml:

  txd_pin: gpio.14
  rxd_pin: gpio.15
  rts_pin: gpio.13
  baud: 9600
  mode: 8N1
#Mod 1
  uart_num: 2
  modbus_id: 1
  tool_num: 0
  speed_map: 0=0% 0=25% 6000=25% 24000=100%

He said the FluidNC wiki was updated, I think I am still going to add this to the V1 Docs as well.

Hope the board is doing well now!

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Board works, now struggling with interference, as soon the spindle starts, everything goes haywire. Trying some twisted pair / shielded network cable but until now that doesn’t make much difference. As soon as the spindle starts, I get error messages and my laptops touchpad starts acting weird.

The cheaper the spindle the worse the EMI. Last I heard it was more of a grounding issue than anything. Ground the spindle body as well as using shielded control cables. Run the spindle wires completely separate of any endstop or stepper wires. Ground the power supply

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I was curious about the speed_map so I looked it up in the FluidNC wiki. Glad I did as that is really well explained there. I’ll be perusing that a lot as more and more machines are switched over. Well done.

What error messages?
Are you using the laptop to control over USB?
As a troubleshooting measure, what happens if you only connect to the Jackpot over WiFi and use the GUI to control things? Better/worse?

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I get vfd connection errors and I “loose” control, stops responding. That with low memory errors. No spare time at the moment to dive in.

So if that is really a second uart, isn’t that was caused Jamies board to have memory errors?

@jamiek ??

STA, AP, or USB connection?
What sort of file, does the test crown work?
Does the file work fine with the spindle unplugged?

Second UART shouldn’t be a problem if it’s not a second input console, so RS485 should be okay.

And even when it is a second input console (or pendant) it’s relatively minor unless you turn up the debug messages. The debug messages get multiplied across all the consoles and with the TMC2209 status it really adds up. The next FluidNC release will decrease the TMC2209 debug messages so it will be less of an issue in the worst case.

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For future reference: for people with issues when using rs485, getting errors with disconnected vfd errors.

Try disconnecting the mains ground on your vfd. This did the trick for me.

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I’m setting mine up today. I can control the VFD from the jackpot. What Gcode are you using to start stop and set RPM?

Vectric with grbl postprocessor works out of the box for me

And the webinterface for testing