rollers upside down!


Has anyone tried to install rollers(4 of them carries X- Y gantry tubes) upside down to make the system more rigid?

Even some sort of wheels can be added under 2 X & 2Y stepper structures (again upside down) to overcome flex issue on outside tubing. Wheels will be touching to the surface offcourse.

There might be clearance problems since the middle assy gets too close to surface but It might work.

That would make the legs longer, and less rigid. It also means less clearance between your work piece and the steppers. I frequently hang the work piece off the table.

I wish it were that easy.

Are you having flex issues? How big is your build?

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for quick response, and really fantastic design. I would not think even it is possible.

My build is very large, the cutting area is 40x40 inches. I haven’t done any real testing yet, just cutting some mdf.

I am sure it will have some flex issues. (I know lowrider is better suited for this size :slight_smile: as you wrote many times in the forums) Wiring is still a mess but getting there…

(I live in Turkey, printed all parts from thingiverse repo) replaced legs with cheap metal furniture legs :slight_smile:


thanks agains this is really awesome!


Don’t fix what ain’t broke, that’s how rumors get started.

All joking aside, the larger the machine the slower it is. Every single machine ever built and ever will be built flexes, to what degree is the question. Nothing is ever perfectly rigid. You chose to build it big, you will have to cut slower, and will also have a smaller CAM window for good cuts, that’s all no big deal

Maybe your first cuts should be the low rider sheet parts…

There is no space in the room unfortunately for a lowrider. I already occupied one room of the apartment (which was really hard to convince my wife that I need this, still don’t know why I need this :slight_smile: I just like it and at the end the rest is hers, right). I plan to cut some designs to make her happy.

After some testing if I have flex problem, the next idea might be inserting some I-beams inside the tubing(which increases weight on gantry, bad, outside tubing should be ok.) or using square profiles instead of conduits (this requires considerable design effort). My gut says just build a lowrider man but I still didn’t see level of the problem .

This will be off-topic : I have to deal with the noise, The universal motor in the router can also be driven by DC, better noise profile, low arc in brushes, lower max current, low heat generated and better efficiency.

en.CD00003829.pdf (111 KB)