Rollers hard to move on tube

Hey people,

My build is coming along, slowly though. On Saturday I assembled the Roller and Roller_M parts with the bearings. When I put them on the tube, they feel pretty hard to move along the tube. It’s not very tight but it’s tighter than what I would call normal. I sprayed all my bearings with lithium grease and it was alittle better. Loosened the bolts abit but still thee same.

I had to drill the holes to a size 8mm because they were too small. Do you think it’s because when I printed the parts they came out a little smaller? What can I do about it? I’m thinking maybe printing one “Roller” piece at 101% and see if that helps.


Any advice?


Thanks in advance

I am willing to bet it is fine, if you used the right parts with the right tube, some are just snug. Keep all the tension bolts extremely loose and let the parts sit on the tubes, they will sort of relax a bit.

I have had some that roll right off the end and others that don;t move even when holding it vertically.

Tight is better than loose!

Thanks Ryan,


I definitely used the right parts. I suppose I’ll find out when I put it all together if the motors have a hard time moving the axis or not. I will assemble and see how it goes.


Thanks again