Roller+RollerM = X axis?

I cant quite figure out what the instructions are trying to tell me. So I figured I’d ask on here before I go and have to undo a bunch of work to finish this.


When it comes to the rollers, is the X axis and Y axis each made up of one Roller and one RollerM? Maybe I’m just reading the assembly instructions wrong haha.

Yup. It does not really matter, it was a preventive design feature to fix a problem people had with the last rollers when printed poorly.

If you were to look across the machine through the rollers the features would match, one is regular and one is mirrored.

ah, I see, its to prevent support material (otherwise it would have that) so you sloped it and mirrored it. Okay totally makes sense now!

Also, I just wanted to add, just printing and carefully looking at your design, has made me much better understand 3d printing as a whole! Brilliant!

AWesome, thanks. I have learned a lot through all the revisions but still have some things I want to change.

It’s a bit of a curse, sometimes I don’t make things because I know they won’t print on any thing but really good printers and for people who know how to use them.