Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival 2024

That shot and the very end where you can see it climbing that final “vertical” wall, in multiple tiny steps. great demo, thanks a million!!!


Thanks for the comment Ryan. Given the interest that we had in carving, I’m hoping to put together a nicer version for instruction purposes. In my opinion, this capability is one of the most powerful aspects of the MPCNC, but may be underutilized because of the challenges of understanding the details needed for this sort of work.


Person after person that I talked to at RMRRF were incredulous that the wood example you had at the show had been carved “on that thing” (MPCNC).

The workflow for doing that carving is something I’d like to learn more about as well.


I guess I should have done this sooner, but, here is the current version of his project. As I said, it’s really a prototype still, but each time I learn a ton…


It looks even better in person. The imperfections are really only visible to the creator.

I’d like to see it with some finish on it. I bet it would pop.


Without a doubt. I’ll probably do that, even though this is not (hopefully) going to be final version. And, a couple of close-ups of the details, I suppose. Stay tuned.


I see some people I know at the end of this one…

It is pretty wild to watch the RMRRF videos and see my logo all over the place. Small and on the badges but that is sooooo worth the sponsor money to me. The only advertising I do and I am loving it.


My kids were VERY excited to see that. Thanks for the heads up. I would have watched it on my own if I didn’t get the heads up.