Resume after a tool change in repetier host

I have a ramps 1.4 board with marlin firmware and I made something in estlcam and ran it in repetier-host. I have a tool change in my gcode, and I feel stupid for this, but… I don’t know how to resume the job in repetier host once a tool has been changed.

I’m really really hoping someone can lend me some advice, because my google skills aren’t doing me much good right now.

Push in the knob on the LCD. Without an LCD you need to issue a resume command. M24 I think, not 100% on that I always use an LCD.

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haha I don’t have an LCD, so I’ll find out tomorrow if this advice works. I’m really really hoping it works!

You can also edit the gcode to remove the pause (assuming the finishing tool is the same as the roughing tool) or split the operations among different files that you run sequentially.