Repetier Visualization

Hey guys new to the MPCNC and forum. I am looking for a little help. I have tried both .gcode and .nc files from ESTLCAM in Repetier and cannot get Repetier to show a visualization of the file. If i load an stl file from Craftware i get a visualization but when it comes from ESTLCAM i get nothing. Have any of you guys experienced this? I am running the most current version. Is there a fix?

I have only visualized STL files in Rep host, so I’m not much help there. I have been using this site to visualize my cuts and burns: You have to open your gcode file, copy all, and then paste it into the window and click simulate. Not real detailed, but good enough to see what it’s going to cut/burn.

ESTLCAM also has a simulator for looking at .nc files.

Hopefully some other folks will chime in with other suggestions. I would like to find some other options too.


In repetier just click on “show travel moves” after you load the gcode you want to see.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

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I tried what you said and noticed that the blue lines are they, however they are below the print plane(see attachment). Is there a way to bring the simulation above the plane or is it going to be this way since the origin is the top of the material to be cut?

It is cutting down, the plane represents you z home. It would be above the plane if you designated the spoilboard as z home.

Mine wont show a preview at all but it cuts. I have 1. show travel moves, 2. show filament, 3. both views checked (edge and faces). Any more ideas?

In repetier? Mine works as long as I have show travel moves checked.