Repetier-host + mac "unknown printer firmware"

I’ve built the Primo with a kit from V1.
SKR pro + TFT35
Endstops + Z endstop.
All the latest firmware.
Mac - big sur

The machine works from the TFT screen, can’t connect the mac with Repetier-host.
I tried the default 250000 baudrate, then changed the marlin to use 115000, changed repetier as well and got same results: connection opened with “Unknown printer firmware” message, no controll on the machine from the mac.

Any suggestions?

Is there any information in the console log on the bottom?

In repetier?
Just that its connected.

I think it usually prints a lot of stuff. Can you send M503?

Nothing happens.
“Commands waiting” and nothing in the bottom console except for “Connection opened”

I clicked “Fake OK” until commands were releasing from queue, than the machine moved. But still “Unknown printer firmware… Wating for temperature”

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I really hope Repetier didn’t break something. There are no temperatures from our firmware because we have no heated bed, and no extruders.

Are there any settings for disabling the temperature status check?

I don’t think it’s properly communicating with the CNC, it’s just sending commands on the port without receiving anything.

This is my settings:

I just gave up and bought a pi4. Installed everything (cnc.js) and it is working perfectly now.
For those who hit this page, the issue was probably repetier itself with mac (big sur). No real solution.

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i had the same issue. Went down the V1PI route controlling my 3D Printer and MPCNC with CNC.JS.

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Btw, the image for the pi wasn’t so stable so I just installed cnc.js as instructed in their official docs. I have another pi for the 3d printer so its better this way.