Repetier connection setup info?

Wondering if someone could point me to something that would show how to connect MPCNC to repetier? Can’t seem to find it.

It should be fairly automatic. plug it in and hit connect. If that doesn’t work you just need to pick the right port under settings.

Going on two hours trying to get it to work. Tried both local and server connections. Ill mess with port more.

I don’t know what that means.

Repetier host, not repetier server. Is that what you are using?

Yes, I meant to say host. Tried using both host and server. Back on host now. Tried every baud rate. Matched baud rate with the one found in device manger in windows.

The host says it’s connected, but when I press a manual control it does not do anything.

this is what I use. buadrate is set in the arduino firmware, if you are using my firmware this is the setting.

Tried the settings you posted. Still nothing.

Could this have anything to do with running this on Bootcamp Windows 10 on my Mac?

Everything I see indicates that the commands are being sent, just no movement.

Also, Now I’m getting this error talking about a heater.

connect the resistor

Ahh. Ok. Added it to the board. Do I need to do the adjust the pots still?

EDIT: It’s Alive!

EDIT: Ohh, so you adjust the pots on the stepper drivers to calibrate the distance moved in Repetier?

Pots should be fine if you got it from me.

Nice. Any tips or links to learn about setting zero and extents without end stops?

Zero is set when you turn or or reset your arduino. Move it by hand to where you want 0,0,0 to be and its done, easy.

I need to put this in the FAQ’s but this is pretty much how it is done on a large cnc. An edge finder is used to set x and Y zero and the we always touched the top with the spindle on for the Z. That is how I do it now but don’t bother with an edge finder because Nothing has every needed to be that precision yet.

Thanks. We actually tried that where we set the position manually by using the controls in Repetier, then we power down the device and power it back up. When we hit the home button the CNC seeks to a different location from the one we set it to. Also, won’t the chip burn out if we manually move the device by hand since the motors generate current?

Take out the g28 start command if you are using a slicer, that is what is homing it.

You can move the machine by hand just take it easy, and don’t move it super fast. I have never actually burnt one out this way and I have always done it by hand. I think it must happen when people move it back and forth a lot like when they first set it up or something.

Thanks so much for helping me get moving last night. Video on the way soon.

Got another repetier question. How can I get the origin on the graphic representation to be in the top left? See screenshot to see how my toolpath lands outside of boundary.

Where do you want your actual machine home to be? Then I can help set the proper software home.

In the image above I want home to be at the top left point of the grey grid area, so that it reflects how I have the MPCNC setup.

So you home your machine in the upper left corner? I see you asking about endstops, you will need to change the firmware if you want to attempt this with endstops. As for changing repetiers display, I have never done it. This is just a picture and has no effect on the machine running, Really I wouldn’t worry about it.

At the moment yes, I’m not sure where I got that from. Maybe it was because I did a bunch of Fusion 360 tutorials and they always set zero at top left of part. I think I saw youtube videos of this as well.

Looking at your rendering, I see it would be in the upper right corner? Is there a preferred position for zero?

EDIT: Was just messing around with settings and I got the origin dot to go to the top left by setting the bed front parameter to be equal to the bed depth. Not sure if this will mess anything else up till I can test tonight.