Repetier Causes the Z axis to go to high

So my setup is all my own prints and parts. My drivers are DRV 8825. No end stops even though I do have them.

Right now I’m just doing plotter tests. When I run the file it works fine. And when I run any gcode after that file it works fine. But if I then turn thye MPCNC off and try and run the same gcode the Z axis fly above the surface to the sky and tries to draw there.

Before I start the code I make sure all of my axises are zeroed out, @isathome.

I followed all the instruction in the estlcam basic instructions.

Thanks in advance for any and all help because without your help I’m lost.

    [attachment file=32216]

    I’ve attached the gcode file I created. I’m hoping there is just something wrong with how I set up estlcam.

    Crown.7z (17.5 KB)

    Please post screenshots of your printer settings in repetier

    Your gcode looks correct.

    M03 S24000
    G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 F2100 =move to zero (home) if your machine has just been restarted it should not move.
    G00 Z2.0000 F480 =move up 2mm

    ;No. 1: Engraving 1
    G00 X7.6141 Y65.9946 F2100 =move to the coordinates
    G00 Z0.5000 F480 =move back down to .5mm
    G01 Z0.0000 F180 S24000 =move down to 0mm
    G01 X8.6879 Y64.4284 Z-0.1250 F180 =move down and over

    Now if you have endstops plugged in (and incorrectly) it will only move up (and also only in the positive x and Y directions)…

    You are running it from repetier or an LCD correct?

    If that isn’t it please answer the questions in the sticky post so we can get you moving much faster.

    Just to be clear you want to see the menus referenced in the reptier post on the site right?

    I’m running it from reptier. I’m on a Windows 10 surface pro 3. There are no end stops.

    Do you think saving the file as nc could solve my issue?

    I’ve posting my setting as attachments along with my most recent drawling I was able to get work. I think the problem I post of before was a result of me not resetting where home was and resetting the board in between each job.

    Now I think my issue might be relate to belt tightness because while doing the crown I noticed that cross wasn’t even.

    I’m still going to post the image of the crown to see what other thing about which belts need to be tightened. The real question how do I know which of the two belts do I need to tighten.

    The lighter of the two crowns was first. The darker was second and after I loosened the belt because i thought the noise might have been a result of the belt being too tight. Now it seems that belt is too loose but how do you make sure both belts are around the same tightness.

    Thanks for all the help. I’m excite to get to the part where I get to cut things but I feel the plotter is where I should start to hone thing for now.

    Your frame is square? Measure corner to corner, should be the same.

    I’ll measure again when I get home. So you don’t think the issue could be related to the belts?

    I don’t see how a loose belt could do that. Easy way to check that is if your pen goes back to the same zero position. Even with an out of square machine, it will return to the same zero, it will just make parallelograms and ovals instead of squares and circles. The belts should be tight, but not so tight you can play music on them. I think on my 5’ by 5’ mpcnc the belts will deflect about a half inch or maybe a little more when the carriage all the way at one end.

    It is not a belt issue, you could not have that much imprecision of drawing.
    It looks like a structural issue, your chassis is not rigid enough and I suspect your machine to have a lot of Z travel.

    It is pretty obvious from the pictures: the lighter drawing is much better than the darker one. If it is lighter it means that the pen was not having too much contact with the paper, which means less force on the Z axis, while the darker one was fighting all the time againts every direction change, due to much more friction.

    It can be your pen holder being too soft, or your whole chassis not being rigid enough.

    Could you post pictures of your machine and pen holder so we can see what is going on?

    I did check the square of the machine I was a half inch off in one direction. I’ve fixed that and hope to be able to test the MPCNC tonight.

    I’m not sure about the Chassis either because it feel like it has a bit more wiggle than I expect it too. The reason it might be darker on the other run was because I set the origin lower.

    The distance of the Z axis to the raised bed is 3.5 inches. Its raised because I think the person who I bought my kit from measured wrong. As a temp solution I laser cut some piece to raise a piece of mdf the distance that the Z axis was short. I can provide some picture tonight or tomorrow of my setup. Are there specific angle you’d need to see of the chassis?