Remix of the cat digger thing

Based on this post, I took the SVG, scaled it down, added a base with the old weight from a post-it dispenser, and remixed the seat to mount to the base and be “one” with the mounting part to the arm as a desk toy… It brings a smile.

By undersizing the seat attachment it can support the weight of the arm and bucket, an accidental mistake.

It is shown on the 300x300 mm printer bed for scale.


Nice! This is going to make a squirrel, or fraggle rock doozer very happy.


Ok that’s just cool! Great job!!


Don’t forget the garden fairies. I’ve heard they need to make way for a new pond.


All jokes aside it looks amazing!


That’s so coool !!
The desk digger haha.
It’s kind of funny I came in here to see if anyone would be interested in maybe collaborating and making some implements for this.
Like a grapple and a magnetic pickup.
Just some ideas it seems my slow winter season isn’t being that slow rn


I will have a nee fun attachment for you and if I designed it right a pen spring will work for it. Might be a fun addition to your desk version

The text made me think of Toy Story and you even had the music. Classic!

Can you link to the stl files?

Did you by chance happen to design a quick release mechanism to easily switch?

Reminds me of when the excavator came to fix the city water leak in the street. It leaked all night and froze hard that night. I’ve always been a sucker for heavy equipment and i was watching them disconnect the trailer and drive the tracked thing off onto the road and he had a bucket and a jackhammer. He picked up the bucket, moved it, then connected the jackhammer and used it to carry the bucket, but part way down the street he dropped the bucket and it slid on the ice across the street and then he was trying to pick it up and he dropped it a few more times. It was rather amusing.

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Oh man that quick disconnect would be a lot of fun.
My skills are not quite there yet I am very much in baby step mode still. Once I get some kinks worked out I will get the files uploaded.

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