ReactOS Opensource Windows compatible OS (Alpha version)

Has anyone tried this with any of the windows specific CNC controller software? I first found out about this by watching this video from ExplainingComputers.

I tried it in a virtual box on a Windows 7 machine a few months ago & seemed to work for the simple stuff I tried it on. The video shows him getting it to run Adobe Photoshop 5.5, but firefox didn’t run. His video is over a year old using ReactOS alpha 0.4.7 & current version is 0.4.11. The version I tried was 0.4.9. I have an old desktop machine I might try it again on that only has 2gb of memory.

Here is the website for it.

This just blew my mind. How the heck does one even approach something this large, a whole OS!?

I’ve seen this video before and it’s unbelievable. I need to download it and run it in a VM for fun some day.