Re-Flashed SKR Pro 2.1 with MP3dP V4 moving strange

Ok, so I have taken a stab at modifying the config files for a 300X300X400 print area on the V4.

Prior to undertaking this, my machine was working properly, and what i mean by this is…

TFT screen communicating with SKR Pro 1.2 board - CHECK (initially i had an issue with the screen communicating with the printer, but a BAUD rate change fixed this)
Movement Commands initiated from touchscreen working as intended - CHECK

So i modified the config files in PlatformIO and successfully compiled the files, however when i flashed the SKR pro the following happened…

When i initiate a x move command from the touchscreen, the head unit with the extruder is moving at a 45 degree angle instead of straight in the X direction.

I figured this was an issue with my compiled firmware.bin file, so i re-flashed the SKR PRO board with the original firmware… Marlin_V1EDP_SKRPro_2209_2.1.1_525-scr

When i went to issue a x move command from the touchscreen, again the head unit is moving at a 45 degree angle instead of straight along X.

Has anyone else experienced somthing like this?

45 degrees on a core xy means only one motor is moving, so the other motor isn’t active for some reason.

To add to my issue above, only one of the Z motors moves when issued a command from the touchscreen.

I have also checked all my connections for the motors, and they seem to be fine?

It has to be something wrong with my firmware. I even tried flashing an older version onto the board to see if there are any changes.

Could it be an issue with the touchscreen itself?

Thats the wrong V1 firmware. Hang on let me see if I can find the right one and Ill link it

Give that one a try and see how it does for you

It appears while troubleshooting that the board thinks that there should only be one stepper for X, Y, and Z because when i move in X, the head unit moves at and angle, when I move in Y, the head unit moves at an angle, and when i move in Z, only one (the stepper plugged into the Z port on the board) works. E1, and E2 do not appear to do anything, so…

Wondering now if my board is damaged, if the firmware was installed, but is for some reason not functioning properly, or if the commands issued from the touchscreen are not correct.

Is there a way to factory reset the SKR board, so I can reflash again

No need to factory reset it, Just flash that firmware I linked above. That is the firmware for the V4 printer set up with corexy and 3 z motors

holy crap, that did it

ive been trying to edit the wrong firmware all along

So this firmware below is not the firmware i should have been using?

No sir. Its 2 below that. its the

Ahh so RP is “Repeat Printer” i take it

Sounds plausible. But your guess is as good as mine LOL. I only knew because I made that mistake when I first built my V4 and Ryan sent me the correct one in my build thread LOL

@Jonathjon, im thinking you might be able to help me here now that my build is finished thanks in part to the help that you provided me so far…