Plotting out Bed Leveling on MP3DP V4 W/Marlin

Asking for a friend…

I have seen, but for the life of me don’t remember where people plotting out their bed level in 3D to help visualize the bed and determine if physical adjustment are needed to go above and beyond what the Auto Leveling can do.

How would one go about gathering the location data points from a ABL function that was preformed…

  • I am using the SKR Pro 1.2 with a TFT touchscreen
  • Firmware is V13RP_V4_SkrPro_2209-2.1.1
  • Firmware has been updated for 300X300X400 build volume
  • Using a BL Touch probe

I have just completed a homing function using the TFT touchscreen, and then completed an ABL function from the TFT touchscreen. The TFT function operated as expected. Once this completes I get the message

“Bed Leveling Complete, Save Settings to EEPROM?”

  • I’m assuming that EEPROM is a folder in the Marlin Configuration that can be written to, based on the results of the ABL function. What I’m trying to ask is in lamens terms "does my printer now know where my bed is based on the Z measurements, and have those measurement been saved to the printer settings so that it adjust/accommodates to the actual surface of my bed?

My next question is how are people plotting these measurements. Is there software that does this automatically for marlin, or is that a klipper benefit? Is there a way to pull the data points from marlin, ideally from the touchscreen, or from the board itself so that I can pull the X, Y, Z coordinates from each of the probed mesh points, so that I can then plot it in excel?

The only way I know how to do it with marlin is setting up a RPi with octoprint. There is a plugin for octoprint that will show you a visual on the bed mesh.

With klipper its built in to mainsail and a lot easier. But you would already have the Pi for klipper anyways.

Someone else might know of a different way to do it and hopefully they will post it.

Also make sure you have G34 set up and are running that BEFORE you run a bed mesh. G34 will level the 3 Z motors

Is this done in the firmware, or in the marlin settings that are available on a TFT screen

firmware. It should be set in the V1 firmware and as long as you set your bed size correctly it “should” work. I believe on the TFT menu its called Z tilt. Give it a try and see what happens. Also once you have it working make sure to put that in your start Gcode before G29. I think I used to run it where I would heat up bed, then extruder, G28, G34 then G29. But its been a little while since I was on marlin with the V4 and I’m not home to look at my old stuff.

Im realizing with the size of the machine, that G34 and G29 add like 10 minutes of set up before a print. Which relative to print time, is a small amount to make sure the print is quality. I’m thinking about changing the configuration in the firmware to measure less mesh points now that I know my bed is pretty flat

What do you have it set at?

I have not changed the V4 firmware settings yet for bed leveling, looks like it is a 6X6 Grid, Plus at 300x300mm bed size, it takes some time

I can either probe less points, or the same amount of points with less replicates

I think I have both of my 300x300 printers set at 5 x 5. Another point for Klipper, adaptive bed meshing LOL

I use a 5x5 grid for 200mm beds and a 7x7 grid for my 300mm beds. This gives the exact same spacing between probe points, at very nearly double the probe points. It takes longer, sure but produces good results.

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Looks like level and offset are tuned in finally, getting good adhesion

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I’m started to get very excite now that I’m printing. It’s amazing to think that I built this, but also that this would not be possible without the V1 community