RAMPS Controller Start-up

I purchased my MPCNC parts in 2019 and did the mechanical assembly then but put off the wiring and start-up until now. It is a Burley with a RAMPS board and LCD screen but no USB connection. I added the 2 extra drives for end stops. I finally got the wiring completed but when I connect power the LCD does not light up. I do have the desired 0.7 volts on each drive potentiometer.

Where can I find archived instructions that might help me troubleshoot this?


We can probably help you faster…

Hang on… When you say “No USB connection” does that mean that you don’t have an Arduino Mega 2560 board under that RAMPS 1.4 board? Uh… That’s kind of like wondering why your car won’t go when you don’t have an engine or transmission installed, or your computer won’t turn on when it doesn’t have a motherboard installed.

The RAMPS Mega 2560 is the processor board. It is absolutely required in order to make anything happen. It will have the USB port on board as well.

Yes, to have a RAMPS setup work you need the Mega 2560, and that has to be flashed with the V1 Marlin firmware to run your machine. To do that, you’ll need a computer to flash the firmware onto the 2560.

Forums are definitely going to be the way to help you through that.

Thanks guys! Looking back on my orders from 2019 my order did include the Mega 2560. I must have missed that part of the assembly instructions!

You guys are very helpful!