RAMBO board plugin locations?

I’m losing my mind and beyond frustrated. My SKR stopped responding at all…not sure what happened. I flashed my spare rambo with LR3 firmware, but now I’m not sure where to plug in everything. Does someone have a drawing of which plugs are which for the rambo 1.4?


Dual endstop wring page.

Sorry to hear about your SKR Pro board. If you want to explain what you’ve tried, the forum can help you troubleshoot. Not sure if this is your problem, but I’ve seen a couple of topics where the final issue was the board losing its bootloader.


Thanks Robert. I’ll check these out. I have another SKR board coming in, but the RAMBO will work for now. Any idea if the bootloader problem was ever solved?

I’ve never seen anyone put forward a possible reason on why these boards lost their bootloader, but in terming of fixing the problem, people have been successful. Here is one topic on the issue. You need a USB to TTL module to burn a new bootloader to your board. It can also be done with an Arduino if you happen to have one of those around. Once you have the new bootloader installed, you can then flash the V1 firmware.

You may want to do some troubleshooting of your current SKR Pro board to determine if burning a new bootloader makes sense. It was just one idea I had that might resurrect your board.