Rambo 1.3 end stop wiring

Sorry, I am a noob here. I am back working on the MPCNC Primo and have the Rambo 1.3. I am trying to figure out the correct wiring and polarity for this board. Do I have to put different firmware on the board as well and how do I tell what I have in the first place as I bought this project used?

I am definitely not saying RTFM, but did you know this exists? I think a lot of your questions are answered there. If they aren’t easily answered, then definitely ask here and we will help you and know more about the docs.


thanks, for some reason I did not know that page existed because I did not know the Rambo was an ultimachine so thanks for the link!!

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The docs aren’t perfect or complete. The forums fill in the gaps. So feel free to post questions here. We don’t bully newbs.


Sorry, this may be a silly question but I have 4 mechnical endstops hooked up on my MPCNC primo. I have them hooked up correctly to the S and - on my Rambo 1.3 board in a normally closed configuration. Now what are you doing with the Z axis for end stops? First of all do you just use one? do you have a picture of where you mount the limit switch? thanks

Ended up going with just the 4 end stops on both the x and y. Wired normally closed and everything checks out with a multimeter at the end of the wire where it plugs into the board but the end stops do not seem to do anything? what am I missing?

Well, some more progress today. the x and y end stops are working.

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