Questions for the lr3 and mpcnc ppl

I just learned about the g28 and g38 differences.
Now I was wondering do ppl install two estlcam programs with one dedicated to the mpcnc with its start code preset for z plate.
And then have one for the lr3 with its code preset for z plate ?
Or do ppl just remember and swap the commands ?

I haven’t ever thought of that (amd I only have an lr3 now).

One work around is to put that in a separate file or macro. Then explicitly set up the job with that other file. Then run your generic gcode.

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Things you can do:

  • Execute the G28/G38 before you run your job. The job would expect the origin relative to the stock to be set before you run the g-code. While I don’t have your issue (only a Primo), this is how I do my setup. There are things that can be done this way that are difficult to do if the G28/G38 is inserted in the g-code.

  • Untested, but it appears that in Repetier-Host you can define multiple printers. You could then define a printer for each machine, and move your G28/G38 to the “Start Script” for each machine. This might also work for other g-code senders.

  • Enable G38 probing for your Primo and use G38 for both. I recently enable G38 for my Primo, and outline the setting changes in this topic. Note that for the specific settings I outline, you would need to give up using G28 for the MPCNC.

I did not test it, but it might be possible to have two versions of EstlCAM installed. You could have one targeted to each machine.

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I run the exact same code on my Primo as my LR3.

I only use the probing when I am setting up the workspace, so setting zero is all done before the output from Estlcam starts. My machine is always at X=0, Y=0, Z=5 when I start the program. (Both machines leave the Z at 5mm aftwr using the touch plate.)

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Thanks a lot for the ideas everyone !!
I am pretty noob at this stuff I have never done a macro. Well maybe just not knowingly lol
I had estlcam setup so it would add the g28 coding on the top. And that seemed to work good for me and my brain.
Would this work for a lr3 with skrpro and dual end stops for a touch plate

I gave this a try and it worked very well.

I think I may switch to this method. I recently made a mistake and forgot to configure EstlCam for MPCNC when it had previously been configured for LR3 and it ran the wrong commands. Thankfully it halted instead of crashing. If I can define a common set of commands and move the idiosyncrasies to the startup scripts (OctoPrint in my case) then it should greatly reduce the chance of mistakes.

Macros (M810-M819) could potentially be useful too. I’m not sure.