PSA - check for loose screws

today I had my Z axis motor screws come loose which dropped the Z axis into my work piece, I don’t know how my 1/8 bit didn’t snap! the collet nut left a night burn mark.


The Z axis motor screws are probably the most susceptible to loosening due to vibration and the most difficult to see when they are coming loose.

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Huh. That’s a new one.

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Looks like I need to hurry and add that threadlocker to the shop. I have a big bag of tiny tubes. Z axis and pulley grubs…


This happened to me too. Three of the four screws holding the Z motor fell out during a job…found them on the bed when tidying up. Fortunately it didnt affect the milling. I have just made sure that the screws are back in and really tight.
Agree, its difficult to see them to check if they are loosening.

Mine also loosened, I only noticed after taking it apart. I did not use Loctite for those screws. Lesson learned. :slightly_smiling_face: