Prusa Slicer

Anybody try it yet? I don’t see anything about working with non prusa machines, but it would be paranoid for me to worry about that, right?

Just did. Thanks for sharing

Go here

Download the drivers Drivers & Apps 2.2.6 (I am on Windows)

During install, you can deselect Drivers and other stuff
I installed only PrusaSlicer, Utilities, Test Objects (The default selection) and Pronterface
Ran the install
THere is a setup for Custom Printer and Marlin is a selection.
I was able to de-select all the other printers as well.

The interface is not horrible and gives a lot of things to adjust.
I would hae to really use it to give more insight.

To your question “I don’t see anything about working with non prusa machines, but it would be paranoid for me to worry about that, right?” No need to be paranoid, looks like it would cover just about any printer that exists. From my first initial look at it.

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It’s basically the alpha I’ve been using for the past 2 months, love how the color change option is implemented.

As far as drivers, that’s probably just for the board, and luckily, they use Ultimachine Rambo boards, and the MK2S specifically uses the mini rambo.


The place on surface feature from S3d is great, individual extrusion lengths, lots of speed controls, much less cluttered than cura. I’ve always like the primitives you can add as parts, and support generation is pretty good.


I’ve been using it for my Mk2s units, ender 3’s, and also my custom ones. Also on the lone monoprice maker select, which I think is the Wanhao Duplicator.

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I have to try it out. I only went to S3d because the paths were much more efficient and saved me a lot of time with all the printers. I will have to see if the pathing is any better yet, I bet the print quality is better though. Just my gut feeling.

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I can weigh in on this a bit, as I moved away from S3d. I did initial test prints and S3d was slightly quicker, until I found that the minimum layer time in Prusa was set much higher than my S3d profile, and now on average, I get about a 10-15% faster print at the same profiles, or at least, as close as I can get them. Same start and end gcode, and additional post processing to set the accelerations for different type of movements, like the prusa slicer does. Additionally I get better top layer finishes in PS, no matter how much I tune the S3d one. The time is much more accurate, but I assume that’s because PS takes into account the acceleration settings. It’s also nice to send it straight to Octoprint from PS, that’s a nice touch

Would you mind posting your settings? ini files or screenshots. I think I can learn something from anyone who has spent enough time tuning them.

Looks like you can also just get the slicer through the github release pages:

I installed it. It looks a lot better than the wxWidgets one. The options are almost 1:1, after you switch it to “advanced”… So it was easy to copy my params over with both windows open. I printed one thing, and it didn’t explode, so that’s good.

I just started a long print, to see how accurate the time estimate is (I copied my speed and acceleration limits over, so I hope it’s pretty accurate). I’ll let you know in about 6h23m.

I can sleep better knowing that I’m not using perl in my slicer anymore, at least.

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6h42m… Not terribly wrong, considering some of that is bed levelling and heat up times, which it wouldnteknow about. Octoprint estimated 5h58m

So, decided to try and make this a bit more Portable friendly.

Download the Zip file from here
64bit or 32bit
Extract it to a folder (you can call it anything you want (PrusaSlicer2 will work)
Open that folder and run prusa-slicer.exe
Do the initial setup
Close the application
Go to C:\Users\YOURPROFILENAME\AppData\Roaming
Copy and paste the whole folder PrusaSlicer to PrusaSlicer2 folder

Download the cmd file PrusaSlicer2-Run.cmd.txt
Save it to the root of the PrusaSlicer2 folder
Rename it to PrusaSlicer2-Run.cmd
Run PrusaSlicer2-Run.cmd
You can then copy and backup your profiles more easily.
This allows you to run the application from anywhere or USB stick.

Your PrusaSlicer2 folder should look like this

[attachment file=“PrusaSlicer2 Root folder.jpg”]

ECHO DISCLAIMER*************************************
ECHO ***** You use this batch file from this post at your own risk. *
ECHO ***** I make no claims that it will run perfectly every time. *
ECHO ***** I do not provide any warranties of any kind from your using this file. *
ECHO *******************************************************************************


PrusaSlicer2-Run.cmd_-1.txt (2.98 KB)

Sorry! I was caught up over the past few days. I would imagine it would still vary from printer to printer, especially if there are additional pauses depending on the memory buffer of the board/curve deviations, etc. For my MK2S, it’s really close, usually something like quoting 4hr 32 minutes, and taking 4hrs and 33 minutes to get done.

Ender 3’s still have some extra pauses here and there, planning to upgrade to MKS board to add an extra extruder.