Prusa i3 MKX

Joseph Prusa teased a picture of the MKX on Twitter this morning. Teaser shows TouchID on the edge of the build plate as well as what appears to be a removable print surface. Sounds like the unvail to happen at NY Maker Fair. I know several YouTubers such as 3DPrinting Nerd received a mystery package from Prusa this past week. Curious to see the upgrades coming.

Thomas Sanladerer received a multiple extrusion MK2, so it might not be the MKX:


Man I wanna get on a plane so bad…Next year.

Whats up with that print surface, that is different, PEI griptape? Maybe he is making electric skateboards now…oh please please.

Touch id is a joke. It seems its a flex plate that helps with abs. All the parts they print now come with that texture one one side of them. At least mine did.


Because theres a thread now and i didnt want to make o e just for this.


I saw that. I have been trying to make a screw counter for a while looks kinda like that, all 3D printer parts…


I used to like my shiny PEI prints but now I kind of wish they had a matte finish. Prusa always ahead of the curve, still have a man crush on his brain.

I use the same machine for cutting spaghetti. I don’t like spinning it on my spoon.

HAHAHA just open your mouth at the end of the ramp let the spaghetti fall in. That is plush living right there.

Woahh that thing looks pretty sick. Pretty amazing how much u can manufacture with some steppers and mechanical components like threaded rod. Dang it now I want my own screw counter.

Screw counter then auto bagger…I have a solid idea but I always end up a making other things when I open CAD.

Such a tease.


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Looks like theres a new board.

Hmmmm, there is an archim update that I have only seen schematics for. looks pretty similar to the previous one.

[attachment file=44475]

It definitely looks like Ultimachine made/designed it…I was just about to place an order. I guess I will wait a few days to see if something new pops up. The archim is the same price as the full sized rambo, I have been on the fence because I knew a new one was coming.

Just a few hours left. This is like christmas!


Found this burried in a long thread on favebook.

Also found this. Mk3 and mk2.5?


Its out!


That’s awesome. I really think the raspberry pi W on the printer board is awesome.

Damn, even the discounted MK2 seems attractive. Maybe I could buy it and keep it somewhere my wife wouldn’t see it…

I guess I’ll just get the 2.5 upgrade kit but is it really sucks because I just got mine.


Jeff just put it inside a box and write it’s nothing on the outside of the box she’ll never know.

The upgrades seem pretty awesome. The quiet thing is what attracts me the most. I already have the MK2S though and dont need another printer. So I likely wont get to take advantage. My MK2S is pretty quiet except for the Y axis when it goes to move quickly. It resignates though the frame and vibrates pretty loud. No idea how to quiet it down or if you even can. Everything is tight so it isnt something loose. Regardless I am excited to see how the MK3 performs since the MK2S does really well.