Problems with drv8825

Hello guys, a newer here.

I try to do my vicious cnc but i stop on electronic part.

I have 5 nema 17 with 3.1v, 2.5A, i use arduino mega 2560, ramps 1.4 and a drv8825.

When i make the connections my stepper doesn’t works good, don’t rotate more than one step and the resistence stay hot.

i try to work with 1/32 Steps with all jumpers.

I make the calculations of Vref.

V * A = w

3.1 * 2,5 = 7,5 W

7,5/12= 0.646 Vref.

When i work with parallels steppers how much i put?

Thanks for all

I would just start at 0.7V, it can be changed later if you need to.

Hello, i just put this and the stepper only work for one side.

I instal repeater host on arduino and the stepper works good.

Probably the problem stay on de Marlin.

What version i would be instal for its works good? I think the rc8 have some problems. I try to put B16_32_8mm-LCD-112515 but erro with arduino version 1.8 and 1.6.11.

How can i fix this problem?


Use RC7, you will need to edit the z steps before flashing if you are using 8mm rods.

I cant install this version! The arduino make a error when try to send for hardware! Another problem stay on parallels conection of steppers! Only one work!

Thanks for all

What is the error it displays when the compile fails?

ok, i just see the error and install the file.

But i continue without can’t put parallels conection of steppers.

Thanks for all