Problem in stepper motor

I have a stepper motor, but when I turn it on, the movement stutters and it does not work regularly (irregular steps).
What is the solution please?

What is the context? If this is an MPCNC, swap the wiring with another motor and test. If the issue follows the motor, then you likley have a wiring issue. It is extremely rare for motors to be bad.

It is also possible your motors are fighting each other. Or that you are supplying a feedrate too fast for the electronics, or you have a mechanical binding problem, or you have the crrrent set wrong on the stepper driver, or you have a board with bad solder joints on the driver socket. All of these and more have been seen on this forum.

Specifics would help troubleshoot the problem. What control board and what driver? A photo of your setup and possibly a link to a video showing the problem could be really helpful.

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i used cnc sheild v4

and i used drv8825

Can you post some pictures and tell us which motor it is? What were you doing when it skips? As Robert suggested, swapping wires with another motor can help you narrow down your search.

You won’t be getting much help if you don’t feed us with much information.

Without more information, all we can do is guess. Did you set the VRef for your DRV8825 drivers? If it is happening with all motors, you should check to make sure the stepper plug wiring matches the pinout of your CNC Shield.