Probe Startedf Failing today

I’ve been happily probing with Jackpot for a while now. Today it started failing with:

" Probe is not in the expected initial state"

I Swear to God I didn’t mess with the wiring. I notice that the light next to pin header is ON, and not changing state when I touch the plate and clip.

Wonder if that pin has gone bad? I’ve tried restarting the board via power cycle.

Just jump the pins on the board and see if it works.

@vicious1 Any ideas? This is a new one for me

All the probe does is detect ground. It should be open when not touching. Disconnect it at the board and see if it’s open then. If so you know the issue is on the probe side, not the board side. You can short the pins and sees if it reads open/ closed.

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