Pro Tip: Direction of Rigid Z matters GREATLY

So for anyone not yet at the stage, the middle Z part LOOKS perfectly symmetrical and for most purposes, it is. However, the angled channel on the outside where the triangle-y looking pieces get bolted on absolutely matters.

I had it backwards and got the super long bolts through 3 of the 4 triangle-y things, and just couldn’t budge the other piece on. Parts were hitting, I even used a file to shave off some things thinking it was just a bigger than normal printed part.

Instructions don’t tell you this…be warned. Will save you LOTS of frustrated knuckles. :slight_smile:

There is a matched indent on the z part to the middle pieces. That is was caused your issue. I’ll see if I can word it better in the instructions.

Yeah. I kept wondering why those indents didn’t line up right. If you do it wrong, it does “almost” fit together…but the rigid Z hits with the triangle things. I kept trying to shave a little off to try and make it work, and it just didn’t work. I got frustrated and started the whole middle assembly over again, and just happened to line up things right the second time and it worked.