Primo to Lowrider

If I wanted to take the electronics, the knowledge gained from running a primo, any belts, bearings, bolts, wires, and conduits of sufficient length… is there a procedure or crossover list for building a Lowrider v 3 with primo parts? I built a primo larger than was recommended and this will fix that.

Here’s what I’m thinking, buy the metal plates, print the printed parts I can with my upgraded ender3 and use as much from the primo for the lowrider as possible. I’m trying to figure out what the cost will be to get set up with a full 4’ wide LRv3. As a concept it seems like a good idea for the 5 seconds I’ve been contemplating it. I’m curious if anyone has done it already and if it might be more economical to sell the mpcnc as a system rather than a partial set of pieces and then reinvest and start new with the lowrider.

I tore down my Primo to build LR3 and I found almost all the hardware was just right for LR3. Pulleys and idlers are the same, all the M5 nuts and bolts and 608 bearings and 5/16 bolts all worked out as far as length and count. All I needed was a second lead screw plus the parts that are special to the LR3 like the linear rails and side plates.

I could be forgetting something but I was surprised at how similar the hardware set was.

Don’t take my word for it. Compare the BOM to be sure.

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If you check my post here I made a list of what I would have had to buy if I left the Primo whole compared to what I’d save if I butchered it for parts: Der Froschkönig - Lowrider 3 in Oldenburg, Germany
Obviously, this is highly subjective, because I only had a 3-driver Primo and the LR3 needs 5, so I had to buy a new board, new drivers, screws etc. As you can see, it still cost me quite a bit, but the cost for a new table is also included.

Thanks @jamiek and @Tokoloshe, I thought there was some discussion on it a while back, but when I searched I didn’t dig deep enough. Your table of cost for the system from your provided link that included cost in addition to the parts from the primo is very helpful. Based on what I have, I only need the end plates, the linear rails, a table, longer belts, and the table track pipe plus the printed parts. Guess I’ll get started printing those. The plates available are only steel right now. I’d rather have aluminum because of the humidity. Is it a bad ideal to use wood until the metal plate are available? Perhaps painted steel would be a durable enough option.

Thanks for your responses.

Hey orob, you can just print the plates. It’s like ~4€ a plate, you can always replace them later. :slight_smile: Or you can search for a lasercutting/waterjet business around you. I found one pretty close to me and a day later learned that the father of my daughter’s playmate is working in a business where they manufacture parts and could have done it as well. Maybe just google it if you are set on aluminium and don’t want printed plates. :smiley:

I’ll need to verify the plate size fits on my print bed. thanks for the tips. I’ll ask around.

If the core fits, the plate should fit. It does fit my Prusa Mini. :slight_smile:

Hi. Can you share the link please?