powering off

So after I start my file. My Z axis starts to move up and about half way up the project. The Rams board shuts off and restarts.

There is nothing in the way of the Z axis going up. Any Ideas???

Yup sounds like you are trying to move to fast, rapids not faster than 8.4mm/s 7 would be better, cut/plunge speeds are typically 2-4mm/s.

Too fast and the board chokes and restarts.

I take it thats something that needs to be set in EStlcam

In every program you would use to generate gcode.

Have a look at this.


I see my plunge rate at 3.mm

Rapids are just as important, the very first z move is a rapid and that is exactly when you get the reset.

On the page I just linked the speeds are highlighted.

YEah I just looked at that. All my setting are the same


Are you using my test gcode?

Can you answer the questions in the sticky post then.

No I ran your test codes and everything worked great. With the LCD frame cuts worked great now with this one its acting funny.

I don’t understand that last reply.

If my code just worked it means you have a bad setting in your gcode/cam. Try estlcam using my suggested settings, that is what I just sent.

I replaced the Stepper driver on the Z side and everything is working order.