Power question

How come the part where you need to also hook up power to the motors is not in the documentation?

Can you please provide more details to your question.

In the Primo documentation for the SKR board, it does not mention anywhere that the power needs to be hooked up to the Motor input as well - which makes perfect sense. However it’s a surprise when you follow all the steps and when you try to test your setup all you get is “Error: All LOW”. I had to google what to do, only to land on some SKR forum where they all said it was a faulty driver, only to dig deeper in the v1 forums to find out that it only had to be hooked up to the power. It would have saved me at least 20 mins of frustration had it been one of the steps in the documentation. Hence my question about why it got omitted. Just saying, maybe it will save some time for someone else in the future if it got mentioned in the docs.


It sounds like we need to add a section for hooking up the power to this page:


The pictures all show the wires to both sides, but I don’t see it explicitly mentioned. At least in my quick skim.

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Gotcha, added to my list.

I will reuse one of these pics and label it.

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Weird. I could have sworn that I just followed the steps for the SKR Pro, and ended up with wires to both sets of connectors. I agree though, I can’t see where it said to do it.


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