Plywood boxes for an awkward kitchen cupboard - an easy little project

This is nothing new, but I recently saw a reference to MakerCase - a free web site that generates patterns for CNC cutting boxes with finger joints. (There are several other similar sites). This happened at about the same time I was getting frustrated by some poorly fitting plastic ‘organisers’ in one of our kitchen cupboards.

A few measurements, a little cutting and glueing later, and here’s the results:

Here they are in place:

They’re strong, light, more attractive than the plastic, and use the space much better.


They look terrific too! I’m intrigued by the “maker case” site - thanks for that link.


Thanks, the wood grain came out really nicely. It’s just off-cuts of ply from a friend’s summer-house building project, finished with ordinary sunflower cooking oil (because it’s cheap and food safe).

I used a 1.5mm single flute bit, full depth, at 10mm/s so each box took about 10 minutes to cut (+5 for the text).

The software puts little dog-bone corners on the fingers, but they didn’t come out in the wood - I think my machine has developed a little slop in the central assembly. Instead I ran a small file over the fingers to round them a little, and clamped it nice and tight :slight_smile:


I was going to ask you how you made the joints so tidy without the dogbones!

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The boxes look good, the site is interesting. I always did my boxes with Peters CNCECKE (you need to create an account). You can add dividers and stuff there and make the boxes stackable. But for a quick box or weird shapes the site you linked is also great. Thanks!