Cat throne / laptop protection box

Our cat likes to sleep on a nice warm laptop, so I built a little box using MakerCase (similar to my last post - Plywood boxes for an awkward kitchen cupboard - an easy little project) that fits over the keyboard, with cut outs for the wires and air vent.

This replaces the scruffy piece of cardboard, that didn’t entirely prevent her from pressing keys.


That is love!


This made me laugh.

I have a cat that loves my laptop, too. She has managed to hit the “airplane mode” button several times, and has managed to set modes that I didn’t know were possible from the keyboard, including one where there was room for a single icon on a 4k attached monitor. She has launched hundreds of browser instances, turned the display brightness all the way down (That took me a while to figure out why my screen was off) and inserted several pages of the letter “R” into a report I was writing.

I guess what I’m saying is… I need this.


I had that issue once.

Then I stopped letting cats on top of counters.


The struggle is REAL! I have one that has to be where I’m at, at all times. Even if that means on my keyboard while I’m trying to work haha

Love this!

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